Tuesday, June 16, 2009


print gocco is a japanese color screenprinting system developed in 1977 by noboru hayama. resembling a toy, the compact and self-contained printer is clean, quick and easy to use. at one time, nearly every third household in japan owned a gocco. In the 1990’s, print gocco slowly started to develop a following in the indi-craft movement, gaining notoriety as a cost-effective and efficient method of printing multiples. in 2005, just as gocco seemed to be building momentum in the west, the plug was pulled. riso corp.-the parent company of print gocco, claimed a sharp decrease in sales due to increased use of home computers was to blame.

but die hard fans of gocco have kept the dream alive. we invite you to celebrate the gocco with us on july 19th from 1-4. the cost of the class is $95.00 in advance or $100.00 at the door. each student will be provided with a screen, inks, and tons of paper. students will be allowed to print multiples of a design on heavy stock paper...gocco factory style.

we will also explore other printing techniques as well.

check out this website to learn more!


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